Well this is the main page so it should contain the description of this site so here it goes:

          First I would like to give my best regards to all my friends who helped me all this time and all the guys all over the world that are sharing infoz about diferent things you are doing a great job.

         This site is my personal project about computers, AI, AL and a lot of other things that I crawled the web for or that I designed myself.
          You will find here a lot of interesing things that will help you in your projects regarding computer science and AI, AL. And I'll invite you to post your links in the post link area from where others like you can jump quickly to usefull resurces like your own projects or links that you find interesting and contain computer science related infoz.
          You maybe wondering why the site is so gray well this is cause there is no black and white in real life and also it was a rainy day when I designed it.
         You will also find here a search engine that will help you search the site and find info quicker, it's not very fast, does not access the MySQL database provided to me by my host(the best host I have ever seen http://www.solarbotics.net this guys give a new meaning to the word HOST.) look for the beam projects they are just cool.